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Martius B&B is located in the heart of the Grecìa Salentina: rooms and breakfast in Martano, a beautiful town, full of services and entertainment, which is near the sea and the Salento countryside, as well as the most beautiful city centers, museums, parks and monuments not to be missed. Choose a holiday of relaxation, fun, culture, art, sun, sea, greenery, cuisine. Find out more!

Welcome to Martius bed & breakfast

Nel cuore del Salento inizia la tua vacanza più emozionante di sempre!

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Some define it as the “heel”, other call it the “heel of Italy” because its geographic position at the south of the boot, but the Salento is more than only an simple area of the Puglia: its is something as the “Puglia in the Puglia” with its own history and culture That is why its inhabitants love to be called salentini more that in general way pugliesi. An not only by pride but for all the characteristical that make its land unic for the Barocco leccese, for the extensions of olive trees centuries old greowing in a red like soil the only in the aqrea and for the popular believings like the tarantismo and more than all for two emerald coasts In the heart of the Salento is the “Salentina Greece” an area formed by new towns: Calimera, Castrignano dei Greci, Corigliano d´Otranto, Martano, Soleto, Sternatia e Zollino he salentine Greece is an area where still are rests of the greek-bizantine civilization where still is alive rge “griko”, a dialect similar to the ancient greek


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The amounts include daily clean up, breakfast, linnenm bycicle and infornative material. Children under 3 years old stay free at the B&B. Free cradle available. Admission of pets (arangments before). For all other needs, please contact us

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All the listed services are included during the stay in our rooms. Items marked with * are included only in quadruple rooms.


Self-managed air conditioning in all rooms of the B&B.

Wi-Fi free
Wi-Fi free

Free and secure wifi connection throughout the B&B.


Free linen change once a week or when you ask for it.


There is a flat screen television available in every room.

Hair dryer
Hair dryer

The hair dryer is already in the room: pack something extra!


There is a fridge available in all the rooms of the B&B.

Washing machine
Washing machine *

Washing machine available for the guests of the family rooms.

Kitchen *

Kitchen available to guests of the family rooms only.


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Summer for sale!
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Discover Salento through our collection of fun facts about the beautiful province of Lecce.

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Questions & Answers

Discover Martano, the b & b Martius and the surroundings before your arrival.

Where is Martius B&B located?

Martius B&B is located in the center of the city of Martano, right in front of a beautiful and well-kept playground, a meeting point for adults and children. The park is equipped with all kinds of merry-go-rounds, even for the disabled, a pond with animals, an open-air theater for summer shows and events, a large walkway accessible to dogs on leashes and a kiosk bar. Martano is a city of about 10,000 inhabitants (like a real Greek polis). The nearest bar is right next to the B&B, the nearest bank is 10 meters away, the Post Office just 100 meters away. Still in the immediate vicinity we find hairdressers, beauticians, the municipal villa, wine shop, supermarkets, restaurants, several bars, the Town Hall, churches and monuments, the castle, palaces from different historical periods and shops of all kinds. Martano has a surprising number of restaurants and bars. This is mainly due to two factors: the tourist vocation of the area and the central position of the city, which makes it both a crossing point for workers and a nightlife center for young people. Martano is the historic capital of Grecìa Salentina, a true fortress of Greek culture that is still breathed today in the language and traditions. Let our staff advise you on the many recreational and cultural activities available in our city or explore following your instincts.

What is Grecìa Salentina?

As the name itself says, Grecìa Salentina is an area located in the heart of Salento where strong Hellenic influences remain, currently made up of 12 municipalities. The mayors of these municipalities are organized in a real Union administration that deals with cultural issues, calls for proposals and economic proposals as well as the promotion of food and wine and local crafts. The distinctive feature of the municipalities of the Union is the presence of a particular dialect called Griko, an ancient language very close to Classical Greek. In these and other municipalities, the Notte della Taranta takes place every year, as well as traditional events, festivals and sumptuous patronal feasts.

What to visit during your holiday in Salento?

Immediately after unpacking your lugagge, we recommend you to visit the city of Martano, as it offers both services and entertainment for everyone. From our B&B, you can also walk to all the cultural attractions, shops and offices. If you love culture, we recommend that you explore the Grecìa Salentina, 12 small villages full of surprises. Galatina and Maglie, a few kilometers from Martano, are the other two must-see destinations for those who love culture, but also luxury shopping. Visit Lecce as soon as possible, because we are sure you will want to come back. There are many museums in Salento: the Paleontology museum in Maglie, the museum of Jewish culture in Lecce, the Messapian museum in Vaste and others. If you are an adventure lover, we advise you to immerse yourself in the cycling routes and in the numerous activities that can be done in the nearby marinas of Otranto and Melendugno, or to experience an adventure on go karting, on horseback, among the museums or parks of the place , including the botanical garden and wildlife recovery center. For true romantics, we recommend a tour of the coast along the coast road with stops in Sant'Andrea, Punta Palascìa, the center of Otranto, Castro and Leuca. Martano is the perfect city to explore Salento!

What should I do if I need assistance while booking?

Don't worry: our staff provides you with two communication channels such as email and telephone. If you have not found the information you were looking for on the site, if you need a personalized quote, if you are unable to book or simply want to speak to us, write us using the contact form or call us at (+39) 3791501847. We advise you to book in advance both to get the best offers and to be sure you can book your holiday correctly. For any problem or additional information, please contact us without hesitation.

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